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Friday, January 3, 2020

[morriscode deliberate exploration: #1] Hello Erlang

Quick intro
I overthink stuff, often think "man I wish I was exploring more tech tools and speeding up as a developer"...

My 2x-ex-cofounder Aaron had a blog that really inspired me: peddles projects (see here)
I'm going to try it.

How it works
every day, 30 min
  • select some pre-scoped project, with defined learning objective/deliverable
  • 25 minutes: hack like heck
  • 5 minutes: reflect 
    • did I meet the deliverable? 
    • what'd i learn
    • lingering questions & potential future projects

  • gain ability to rapidly prototype 
  • remove hesitation of jumping into new tools.
  • get better at just working really fast in a short burst instead of over thinking 
  • learn to scope out work into bitesized chunks
  • learn to group existing projects together over time to solve bigger problems
  • It embodies my "try it now and try it fast" mentality
  • exploring various tools without overthinking may help me discover valuable paths and connections in my mind and in the existing world that I can connect later on and may have not done so b4.
  • If I establish this habit of moving fast and diving into projects it may leak into my other work and accelerate me overall.
  • If this 30min activity daily yields a 1% weekly compound growth on my ability to reason, and move forward on things, that's >50% yearly return, which is insane.
Aaron and I spoke yesterday about this.

I woke up today thinking:

"Hmm... should I try this? Maybe I'll reflect on Sunday and decide then. Need to scope it out after all."

No. Bad. hush OCD hush.

The point is to dive in.

"ugh... but I don't know... what if..?"



"Should I post this on my blog...? it's going to be so jank"

ahht aht. shhh. no think. just code

"ok here we goooo"

Morris-code #1: Jan 3, 2019: Hello Erlang

Aaron introduced me to functional programming. I never used it much and figure it's perfect for this blog series.  let's get a hello world program working.
  • build hello world program in erlang
learning objectives?
  • meta: want to see how this deliberate exploration system works out for me. diving in NOW.
post mortem
did I meet the deliverable? (y/n) and why?
yes, was pretty straight forward getting the helloworld working.
tried to get further and print a variables contents to no avail
what I learned?
  • erlang is compiled to bytecode for a virtual machine (kinda like java?)
  • erlang is built for distributed fault tolerant systems
lingering questions/next step inspiration for future projects?
  • whole point of erlang seems to be distributed message passing, so I'll perhaps create a program where messages are passed between 2 processes and printed out.

ok back tomorrow!

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