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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

HELL DAY: 24-hour Navy SEAL Training Challenge

Hey friends! My last post was 10 months ago (yikes!)

A lot has happened since then.

I'm living in LA right now. I got into Harvard Business School, launched a company, backpacked across Africa, and now I'm heading to Canada next week to get my graduation documents.

On one hand, I should have been blogging all of this: all these shiny accomplishments and title changes to boost my ego.

On the other hand, I realized all of these life-changing events introduced significant psychological tension I had to overcome personally. I took a few months to reflect, but I'll begin playing blog catch-up now!

To start, here's an experiment I tried with my friends Mohammed and Fahad back at the end of June.

Mohammed is my personal trainer, who played a tremendous role in helping me recover from chronic back injuries (due to injured ribs & spinal damage circa 10 yrs ago).

Fahad (left), Mohammed (Middle), Ya'boi Kyle Morris (right)
We were working out together one day, talking about how inspirational the Navy SEALs are.

I go around thinking I work hard and that I'm putting in good effort; but I was curious: could I handle even a fraction of what the Navy SEALs can do? What is my breaking point? How will I behave when I'm absolutely exhausted beyond comprehension? Knowing the answer to these things would expose a lot about myself and my leadership style under stress. It is also an effective way to make stronger friendships!

A week later we got up at midnight and started training. For 24 nonstop hours we replicated (to the best of our ability) 1 day of the Hell Week exam that all Navy Seal candidates must complete as part of their training.

We live-streamed all 24 hours of the training! Thus, as opposed to writing about it, I'll just link to the summary video.

Check out the Hell Day results here!

note: I highly Mohammed as a trainer if you want someone whose over-the-top about making sure you reach your goals. You'll see for yourself by watching the video above! Winnipeg is super blessed to have him. Check out his site @

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