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Sunday, November 25, 2018

Forgone Blog Hiatus

non-technical: suitable for any reader

It has been nearly 7 months now (5096 hours at the time of writing this post) since I touched base in San Francisco. Between living in a hackhouse of 10+ people, working on autonomous vehicles by day, and attending meetups by night, I've spent many of these hours surrounded by incredibly insightful and intelligent individuals. 

I'm well familiar with culture shock (see: Taiwan, Germany, Korea); yet despite a predisposition to planting myself alone in unfamiliar countries I was still taken aback adjusting to the Bay Area lifestyle. The majority of us here speak the same languages -- be it primarily English, or Python -- so perhaps this shock was more due to leaving a University atmosphere and visiting the industry for the first time, rather than by transplanting myself into any distinct country. 

My blog has been perhaps unusually quiet; however this is not because I have relaxed. In fact, these last few months have comprised the most introspective and psychologically taxing period of my life thus far. While adapting to industry, and concurrently preparing for imminent graduation, I've spent a lot of time reflecting on who I am, and what I need to do in the coming years. 
Ultimately I felt a regular release of blog posts during these months would not effectively capture my state of being in which has adapted so rapidly.

But alas, December is approaching, and it is time to rev up those keyboards! I'll release a series of blog posts documenting my experiences in industry, which have been multiple months in the making. Topics will range from guidance on how to land a Silicon Vally job, Lessons I've Learnt, and a more personal glimpse of my own inner monologue.

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