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Sunday, September 18, 2016

IROS and UROC: Conferences of Fall 2016

It has now been nearly 2 months since I've returned from Taiwan. The reverse culture shock was noticeable as expected -- but alas --  I am home, well... geographically home at least. I feel my other home is overseas now. It's as if I'm now an exchange student in Canada.

There is little time to settle when one is on an academic pursuit. As subtly mentioned throughout previous blog entries, there are two more prominent research opportunities I've sought after.

UROC: Undergraduate Research Opportunities Conference (September 29 - October 2)

As outlined on the site:
UROC is a 4-Day, invitation-only, fully funded research workshop at the University of Waterloo for top undergraduate students in Canada.

The description is flattering, as I'm certain among the countless brilliant undergrads in Canada, and the University of Manitoba, I'm far from being one of the "top". I'll work my hardest, and it will be an honour to attend. This conference is divided into various projects that we select. I'm hoping to partake in the project titled "Social Dilemma Bots" which will explore communication and negotiation among agents and how we may replicate the moral decision process. 

Can machines do the "right" thing?
Can machines have trust? 

I look forward to exploring some of these questions!
In the event that I am put on a different project, you may find the descriptions on this page.

Robot Magic! (IROS 2016)(October 9-October 14)

Daejeon, Korea

This conference, formally titled the IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems will provide workshops, presentations, and opportunities for contribution in the various academic and industrial fields of robotics.

Following up from my summer research in Taiwan, I will have the pleasure of presenting in Robot Magic, which is this years' Humanoid Application challenge at IROS.

I'm both extremely nervous and excited. The plan is to book a flight in the next couple of days, and head out on the 7th or 8th to Korea. I'll land in Seoul and transfer by bus to Daejeon.

Once the event comes up I'll divulge more information on my project itself, and formally present it aafterward For the mean time, I best get back to working on it!

Alongside all of this I'm bogged down with work for Computer Science Co-op. Lots of cover letters to write and meetings to attend. It's all a wonderful experience, and as I've said before I can't express how grateful I am for the opportunities.

*frantically typing*

Will update again soon, take care!

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