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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Today In The AA [#18]: Summary of Germany Trip 2016

Electrically powered car. Part of Walking With Robots Blog by Kyle Morris.
Electrically powered car.
Went for a nice jog this morning shortly after 5am, exploring the quiet town of Pasing Munich one last time. I'll be heading back to Taiwan by 5pm tonight. The towns are beautiful. They are slightly medieval in atmosphere; while the electrically charged cars make me feel I was just lied to.

Now that I think of it, many things "seem" to lie to me out here. Even the language. In Taiwan it was no problem, since I'd see Kanji/Chinese characters on a sign and not even bother trying to read it; but not here... In Germany many of the signs and advertisements are just English enough for me to get interested, until they slap me in the face mit rein deutschen Brutalit├Ąt. Some of the words are so close to Englisch, I'd swear they made a typo... Or maybe I've been spelling "technologie" wrong my whole life.

Streetway to Pasing Arcaden Part of Walking With Robots Blog by Kyle Morris.
On my way to the Pasing Arcaden

Nevertheless, wonderful place, and the streets seem safe.

Head north in Canada and you'll find polar bears, hit a forest and you'll find black bears.

So far in Germany the most threatening thing I've found are gummy bears (they travel in packs, by the dozens, near almost any place with food). Incredibly hard to escape. I'm forced to consume them all as rations, you know, to protect everyone else.

You'll also find lots of alcoholic beverages, which caught me off guard more than the bears. I've never drank, and never will; and with my experiences around the substance I was shocked to find it sold next to gum at a checkout section. Thus far; everyone here seems quite well disciplined with it, that's nice to see. It's more of a casual drink out here, that people have around dinner time.  
Still not my cup of tea.

The days have been long and adventurous. Without Internet connection at Jacky's Father's house, I've had much time to focus on work, and other hobbies
such as rehearsing Hiragana, and sorting coins by date on my desk (this always pleases me).
 Part of Walking With Robots Blog by Kyle Morris.
Delicious breakfast.
I was met with wonderful breakfasts prepared at home, with fresh bread we'd acquire after a short walk in the morning. It's a lot heavier than the stuff you'll find in Canada, which has helped me in moderating my food intake.

 Lots of fibre!

Later in the morning we'd take a walk down to the Pasing Arcaden, which despite sounding like a battle arena, was just a mall. I had to acquire an adapter to charge my laptop, as all of the outlets in Germany are different from Canada.

Once I had a good dose of Wifi and updated my family and friends, we would often go on a mini-excursion into the evening.

Beer Gardens

Part of Walking with Robots Blog by Kyle Morris.These are of cultural significance in Germany. You show up with all the food you want; but the catch is, you buy drinks there.

We met up one evening with some Taiwanese students from RoboCup (NTUST), and enjoyed some drinks.

Hopefully I didn't stand out too much with a piture of water.

... Let's just say I was chugging pure ethanol, ok?

Although I'm not sure if this is as culturally known; I found my happy place next door, at what I'll call the Deer Garden.
    Deers, everywhere, being Deers and doing Deer stuff!
Deer garden, part of Walking with Robots Blog by Kyle Morris.
Deer Garden!!!

    Now I just need to find an Alpaca farm, and a baby seal pup habitat at some point in my life, and I've won.

Calisthenics park in Frankurter Ring, Germany. Part of Walking With Robots Blog by Kyle Morris.
KorbinianPlatz Park
I took a trip one day alone along the speed train to Hauptbahnhof Central Station, and then Frankfurter Ring, where I found a well known Calisthenics park.

From what I've noticed, Germany is quite well known for producing great bodyweight athletes. I found some rather tough looking gentlemen at the park and set up my gym rings.

The rings are a nice touch when visiting a gym for the first time. They show you're serious and put some focus into your training; but not enough to stir up attention among other regular attendees, who may challenge a dude with an oxygen mask, and a home gym in his backpack.

I could talk endlessly about things... I've experienced multiple cities and a new
dog at flea market
At a Flea Market. Dog not for sale..
culture in 2 weeks, so brevity is perhaps a foolish goal to set in summarizing it.

I'll be working in NTNU (National Taiwan Normal University) preparing for the Robot Magic event held in October. I'm not fully set on a trick to perform yet; but I'll update about that in the future. I've also got an application to send to Waterloo for the UROC (Undergraduate Research Opportunies Conference) which I'm very much hoping to attend!

I miss everyone back at home; but I'm experiencing many valuable and wonderful things. Couldn't ask for a better summer!

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