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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Today In The AA [#17]: Summary of RoboCup 2016

I attempted to make a post each day for Robocup; but I was too bogged down with work in the competition, and had no time to do so. I'll summarize here!

3rd Day Robocup: July 2nd

We had a couple kinks in the morning trying to get the servos to work.
This was likely due to the security guards rushing us out the night before (because we take so long). We fixed things up by 10am, and our Skill Challenges began.

The skill challenges involve mini-events that we must performed within 25 minutes. A team will get points for each events depending on what place thye get in it.
  first place = 10 points
  second place = 7 points
  3rd place = 5 points
  others = 3 points

The 4 events are as follows

Goal Kick

A ball is rolled down a ramp. As it passes in front of the robot, the robot must kick it forward into the goal. We didn't have a kick prepared enough for this event; so we focused on the others.

Push Recovery
This involves having robot pushed either from the front or back by a swinging weight. The objectiveis to have the robot recover without falling.

 We did quite well on this, scoring 8 points with  for our recovery. The first placed team HuroEvolutionNT (from NTUST) weighted 18KG just making it into the teensize league. 
The weight/size of the robot isn't really an issue, as the performance measure is given by a ratio between mass of the robot and the mass/velocity of the swinging object . This makes it fair for all competitors as it measures a recovery purely based on how much kinetic energy the robot can withstand without falling.

High Jump
A robot is positioned on a 40x40cm board and jumps. The height is determined based on how long the robot is in the air. Upon landing, it must stand still for 3 seconds without falling, to count as a full successful jump. If the robot falls, it will be a partial jump.

We scored 10 with airtime of 192 milliseconds. This was a full successful jump. The team immediately behind us was  HuroEvolutionNT (NTUST), they had an airtime of around 130-140 milliseconds, with a partial landing as the robot stumbled a bit.

Here is some footage of our winning jump

Later in the day we followed up another soccer game with NimbRO which resulted in 5:0 against us. Many teams were complaining about their usage of QR codes to give the robot initial state information; but after much discussion they were granted permission to use this technique. On that note, congratulations to their team. They had a good performance.

Final Day: July 3rd

This was actually my birthday too, which was conveniently timed. We had our final match today against WF Wolves (from Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences) and won 1:0, putting us a bit ahead in Soccer.

Here is some footage of the match. 

We had the award ceremony in the evening around 6pm, with all the teams being called up.

Robocup's president and founder, Itsuki Noda, announced that the RoboCup 2017 will be held in Nagoya, Japan. I'm really hoping to attend this one!

Our team won 1st place for the technical challenge, and 3rd place for Teensize humanoid soccer.

I think overall RoboCup went well. I wasn't completely prepared for just how demanding it would be mentally; despite Jacky telling me numerous times. I'm going to train towards RoboCup 2017, in hopes that in being invited to go again, I'll be well prepared and more educated in robotics. Congratulations to all of the teams for your hard work! I met a lot of new friends this year, and had a blast.


I'll do a follow up post in about a week, just before leaving Germany. For now I'm working on a conference application, and Robot Magic planning.

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