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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Today In The AA [#16]: RoboCup 2016 Day 2

Day 2 of official RoboCup begins.

Got another 3 hours of rest, and ready for another day. Jacky was downstairs finishing breakfast by the time I made it down at 6:20am.

Around 11:30am we finished our second soccer match followup from yesterday. We didn't have any goals scored on us this time... But unfortunately didn't score any either.

The walk tuning for our striker was done using 1 battery, and then we installed a second one for the play. This put too much weight on the back, and caused the robot to topple backwards. our opposing team had little to no motion, no walking, and a static goalie. It's quite unfortunate for the battery issue; otherwise we well had the chance to win that match.

This is good to remember for the future. When simulating a match, you actually have to simulate the match you intend to play. Roughly the same weight, height, etc Unless you have dynamic configuration to account for changes, a subtle weight change may cost the game.

The remaining time in the day was spent working on the High Jump event. We were able to come up with this progress.

Tomorrow by around 10am we will present our High Jump in the technical skills challenge. One issue however, is that this jump puts much strain on the servo motors.

I found this out because about 5 minutes ago we just broke one in the right knee... John said it wasn't an issue and that we should just replace and use another servo...
I didn't expect this response...

Amir would have killed me; but I understand we're in competition setting, and his word is the bottom line here. Me and MC agreed to replace the knee motors just for training the push/pull recovery and kicking motions. We will then switch back to the broken ones, in order to do the high jump, since it works somehow using a stiff servo.

I best get heading to sleep. My apologies
If these posts are sounding more cryptic/confusing by the day. I'm running very low on sleep and barely keeping my head up as I type this. I'll return tomorrow!

Group photo of the RoboCup participants!

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