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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Today In The AA [#14]: Pre-RoboCup

It's now 1 day before RoboCup officially begins. I met with MC and Jacky downstairs in our hotel for breakfast at 6am, and we arrived at the event centre for 8am.

5:30am: Time to go!

Jacky Baltes giving talk on how to ref RoboCup events.
The first few hours from 8am-noon involved enhancements and maintenance on our Teensized robots Arash, and Polaris. The Iranian team has carbon fiber parts in which we were installing to make the frame lighter.
Polaris in development

Quite a number of teams had arrived by noon, excluding those still approaching Leipzig.

We focused on walk tuning and the high kick motion throughout the afternoon.
Discussing how to soccer properly
NKFUST friends arrive!
Walking with robots, and Jacky.

By evening time, the NKFUST students arrived! It was an odd but satisfying feeling to see Manitoba AALAB members, NKFUST, and the Iranian students I've met recently, all together within the same vacinity.

 Prof. John Anderson (one of the heads of the AALAB) had arrived while me and MC were out to buy coffee/snacks for the team. We kept working until the 11pm closing time at the venue.
Listing of some cool talks coming up. 

Tomorrow will be another long day, and especially busy as the competition begins! 11AM will mark the beginning of the first event. I'll confirm times after I view the schedule again.

From what I know, I'll be focusing on the High Jump event with MC, which will take place 2 days from now.

Goodnight! I'll be back after 3 hours of slumber.

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