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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Today In The AA [#13]: (Pre) Pre-RoboCup: Arrival in Leipzig

I'm at Robocup now. It's quite hard to fit in time to make a post, so I'll go quick.


Me and Jacky flew (on a plane) from Taiwan to Amsterdam over a 12 hour flight, then stopped briefly and transferred over to Munich. I stayed with him at his fathers house the first night in Germany. The next morning we drove down to Leipzig, in which I am currently staying now.


June 28th we arrived at the RoboCup location in Leipzig, Germany. The venue was quite a bit larger than I expected, with several desks lining the admission building as you'd see for a relatively big concert or sports game.
Goodie bag given to RoboCup participants.

I guess it makes sense, considering this is a relatively big sports game.

The room is stadium sized. I tried discretely snapping photos of setup but they turned out quite blurry. I'll have to get time to acquire more photos when I can.
Lab member MC working on Polaris. He arrived roughly 1 hour ago, to Germany.

I met with Soroush, and other members of the Iranian robotics team we are affiliated with, and began work immediately at around 5pm. The focus for the remaining of the evening was prepping our robot (Polaris) to meet the Iranian team goals.

I returned back to the hotel around 11:30pm, heading to sleep by 1:30am. The next day begins at 5:30am. For now, I must go rest. I'll do my best to blog for each day, it's very hard to fit in the time though!

Miss all my friends and whatnot, in Canada!

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