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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Today In the AA [#6]: Travel Time

As promised, I'm going to try to keep a "real-time" log of events as they happen throughout the travelling process.


6:01AM [CDT]: Sun is coming up, I'm organizing my last few things at home, committing changes to my git repository, and having a light breakfast. I'll be heading to the lab soon to prepare the robotics, then my family will pick me up and I'll be heading to the airport from there... I hope everything is ready. Best I can do now is just act.
View from my room. The last I'll see of it for a while. 

7:45AM [CDT]: Going over checklist at home for the 8th time. I'll still forget something no doubt. Cleaning room, because it has to look good while I'm gone.

9:35AM [CDT]: At the Lab. Packing up things. This time, I can't afford to forget anything.

10:35AM [CDT]: Finished packing from the CS office I work in.
Bye guys!
12:05 PM [CDT]: Goodbye UofM !!!

12:41 PM CDT: at the airport. Ohh boy they use a terminal. I feel welcome.
1:20PM [CDT]: mmm last chance for tims.
2:36PM [CDT]: Almost time to say goodbye 
3:18PM [CDT]: Goodbye Mother and Judith and friendS and everyone else. Through security awaiting flight at 5pm. The security were more impressed with the robot than anything!

4:18PM [CDT]: boarding in about 12 minutes.  Laptop has a 3ish hour battery life and I've got no charger on the plane so I'm waiting to use it.  Phone has about 21% charge left.
8:18PM CDT 6:18PM [PDT]: arrived in Vancouver!  Was no wifi on flight so I was just reading my ai textbook and working on research articles for three hours. I'm 2 hours ahead of manitoba now but not feeling jetlag yet thankfully. Time to make my way around...
8:27PM CDT 6:27 [PDT]: nice place.didn't have to go through security again so now I have a 8 hour wait.....
9:49PM CDT  7:49PM PDT: Starting to feel pretttty tired, have to stay awake until I get on the air china flight though. Perhaps I'll go get a coffee. I plan on sleeping right when I get on Air China, hopefully waking up a solid halfway through it just in time for the free meal O_O 

10:48PM CDT 8:48PM PDT: holy heck just walked a solid 2km to get to my airport gate area. Slowly seeing the atmosphere becoming more Chinese. This is fascinating. Also 50 ft fish aquarium! !!

11:42PM [CDT] 9:42PM [PDT]:getting some good looks from the Chinese community.
1:08AM CDT 11:08PM PDT: Approaching 24 hours of being up. There are other humans spawning around me at the D55 gate for Taipei. Hopefully I don't smell awful, only time will tell O_O
3:12 AM CDT 1:12 AM PDT: about to board air china. Lots of energy that I hope will go away so I can sleep on the flight. 
4:22PM Taiwan Time (aka 3:22AM CDT): Took me a whole day to find an internet connection. Jacky had me running around so I was too swamped with things. I'll do a writeup of Taiwan in a separate post away from all this, since the main travelling is done. The 12 hour flight toTaiwan was brutal though, very long indeed. I slept for a solid 4 hours of it then worked on my AI side projects for the remaining 8 hours. 
So, this is the end of my live event blog summary. SO much has happened today I can't even begin to take note of it, so I'll get some sleep tonight and write up a nice summary tomorrow in the evening. 

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  1. Have a wonderful journey Kyle. Seize the day and embrace life to the fullest! I look so forward to reading your updates and seeing the pictures!
    May the force be with you! Sending much love! xx


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