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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Today in The AA [#5]: The Night Before The Storm

Quick update before I head out. The trip begins tomorrow. I'm super tired right now; but I'll do a "live" sequence of updates tomorrow. I find it more enjoyable to blog about events as they are happening rather than trying to recollect information afterward.

To avoid killer jet lag, I'm going to have to plan when I'll sleep. As my previous post described, I have a flight leaving 5pm and lasting 3 hours. I'll use this flight to work on my side project and such. Then upon arriving in British Columbia I'll organize myself and wait 8 hours for the flight leaving at 2am. Perhaps during this time, I can work on PMUSER Articles (PMUSER is the Undergraduate Research Journal from UofM that I'm the layout editor for.).

After 2AM when I board the long 12-hour flight to Taiwan, I think I'll sleep for a solid 5 hours, then wake up and work on my A.I. side project/PMUSER stuff, and so forth. In general, I'm wanting to take advantage of the time I'll have on this flight.

The rest will be dealt with once I arrive... I'm just tired, need to sleep for now. Trying to wrap my head around the fact that this is all about to happen. Nevertheless, the biggest life challenge that I think I've ever had to face is about to begin tomorrow. Diet, exercise, discipline, I will hone in on all of these and craft myself into something greater. As said, tomorrow will be a log of events as they happen, I'll try to keep it as real time as possible.

It begins. 

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