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Thursday, April 7, 2016

morris_AIMA [#1] AI Summer Project

I've decided to begin an AI side project motivated by Russel and Norvig's "AI: A Modern Approach".

I'm wishing to exhaustively solve every single question in that book, cover to cover, as I progress through my undergraduate degree; however doing so requires me to implement a countless number of simulations/algorithms from the book.

As a result I'm going to firstly implement my own simulation software for handling this textbook. Kind of like how comp2280 (Introduction to Computer Systems) was accompanied by the LC3 simulator, I'd like to create some sort of actual publishable software to use with the AI book.

Thus, MORRIS_AIMA was born. 

For my environment simulator, here is the general high-level view of it:

The timer will run the simulation through a cycle, which involves running a cycle in the environment (one logical iteration), then feeding the new environment state into the visualizer and displaying it.

I've got a collection of my answers to the questions in the textbook as well; but for the sake of not flooding googles servers with text I'll only post the really cool questions. 

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