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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Today in The AA [#3]: Travelling with Robots

I think I've nearly memorized the playlist at the local Popocha down the street.
Popocha is a tea house, in case you didn't know. They aren't a franchise or anything so I suppose it may be unfamiliar... that's unfortunate. Nice place, I've got my laptop out with a champagne grape bubble tea, and some hip Taiwanese beats playing on the down low. I figure this sets the mood well, seeing as I'm leaving for Taiwan in a few short weeks!
Popocha tea house

Perhaps that's something else I didn't mention; unlike Popocha, Taiwan isn't a franchise, it's an actual place. I've never been there, though, but Dr.Baltes invited me as a result of getting the NSERC Undergraduate research award. It was shortly after the TedX talk I blogged about last, Jacky casually inquired as to if I planned on going to Taiwan or not.
   "planned on going"...
Can't say I did... But I'm incredibly hyped for the opportunity, and with the ticket purchased it is pretty much solidified that I'll be on my way!

Anyway to declusterfy my brain a bit before this, I'll try to outline what the plans are from May 4th (when I leave) until August 4th (when I return).

Things will start around May 4th when I hop a plane to Vancouver, then Taiwan. I'll be flying over the ocean, the specific ocean, to be pacific. Good plan yes? I hope so because that's all I've got, to be honest. I'm landing there, and will be working in one of the main Taiwanese Universities.
I'll be somewhere in this thing.

Even more! Around mid may I'm supposedly flying on down to Leipzig Germany for the 2016 Robocup competition. Not only is Germany going to host the Robo cup, it's also the home of some of my favorite metal bands, so the opportunities are endless.

I will have to collect myself a bit as to how I'll manage banking. The $6000 NSERC will be distributed to me in small lumps of cash over a 16 week period so I'll have to ration it accordingly. My goal is to take advantage of the diverse market system in Taiwan and radically enhance my diet to switch over from the land of milk and honey and kraft dinner to something a little bit more sustainable such as veggies and tofu. With $15 to spend daily I'll have quite the time managing finances out there, a convenient excuse to lose weight really.

More detail will be thrown on this blog once I've got it. For now, I need to focus on exams coming up...

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