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Sunday, November 8, 2015

#1: Today in the AA

I never imagined I'd step foot into a lab during my undergrad...
I had the idea that labs => research => graduate students. Well thankfully I was given a counterexample to this, namely myself this year. Since roughly September-ish I've had the pleasure of working in the AALAB at the University of Manitoba, AA stands for Autonomous Agents; but I prefer calling it Autonomous Anonymous. It's essentially a group of folks with an addiction to AI; but quitting is the last thing you'll see in this place. In fact I've especially noticed the tenacity of those I've met in the lab so far. Sure you get to enjoy a coffee now and then; however I really appreciate those who work hard and don't let mundane excuses thwart productivity -- people who prioritise a paper over a party, and get the same enjoyment out of learning new things as I do. Nevertheless being welcomed into this lab is definitely the highlight of my 2nd year, and quite likely the beginning of my whole career involving AI.

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